Our Values

Our values drive our approach, from first contact to therapy completion.

  • Clients at the heart of decisions

  • Learning and innovation

  • Quality

  • Support and shared responsibility

  • Leadership

  • Trust

Our Approach

The Edgar Lynch Centre is set up in honour of three individuals that have been inspirational to our practice –

Meredith & John Edgar: pioneers in their respective fields of science and social work, their attention to detail and steadfastness, especially in creating environments for change, are tenants we hold to be important in our work with clients.

Margaret Nicolay nee Lynch: our founder’s mother, when asked “How did you and dad raise 5 children?” she responded, “We were exhausted most of the time, but you never knew.” This exemplifies both the sacrifices parents make in raising children but also says something about the process of therapy, the focus is on the client and not the therapist.

Thus, The Edgar Lynch Centre: dedicated to supporting our clients in creating the change they seek in their lives or that of their families.

Our Team

At the Edgar Lynch Centre we have a large team of experienced clinical psychologists, mental health workers, consultants and operations staff.

Our clinicians:

Amber Mcmillan
Amber McmillanProvisional Psychologist
Brenda Aguilar
Brenda AguilarPsychologist
Elfin Berwick
Elfin BerwickProvisional Psychologist
Emilie Traeger
Emilie TraegerSocial Worker - Canberra
Freya Hanly
Freya Hanly Psychologist
Gregory Nicolau
Gregory NicolauFounder CEO, Consultant Psychologist
Hannah Verass
Hannah Verass Social Worker
Jenna Spink
Jenna SpinkClinical Psychologist
Jenny Jensen
Jenny JensenProvisional Psychologist
Kathryn Mellody
Kathryn MellodyProvisional Psychologist
Kenneth Spedding
Kenneth SpeddingProvisional Psychologist
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly Clinical Lead - Canberra, Mental Health Social Worker
Rebecca Karantgis
Rebecca KarantgisPsychologist
Tessa Andrews
Tessa Andrews Provisional Psychologist
Yasodha Samaranayake
Yasodha Samaranayake Acting Clinical Lead, Mental Health Social Worker

To book an appointment with one of our team, get in touch.